Caring For Your Mould

Rubber moulds made at cartercutts can last for years providing they are well looked after, keep them away from heat as this can make them become brittle. Sunlight may darken the mould and age it prematurely; cold will stiffen the mould but will return to its original state once normal temperatures are regained.

Clean moulds with the mildest means available perhaps with soapy water first if this doesn’t clean adequate enough then you can use a Stoddard solvent (white spirit).

If you use talcum powder as a release agent on your moulds then check at regular intervals for any build-up of powder in the rubber mould cavity’s and clean out with compressed air or soapy water.

When rubber moulds are not being used or after use always inject the mould with wax and leave inside the mould until the next time you use the rubber mould, this will keep all cavity’s open to there original size.