Low Temprature Silicone

Low temperature silicone is exactly what is suggests, this superb synthetic compound of rubber vulcanizes at just 70c. Once finished this mould is similar to high strength silicone but gives you the added extra of creating a mould from a material which doesn’t tolerate the normal vulcanizing process.

With low temperature silicone you are able to produce rubber moulds from plastic/resin models created from cad cam rapid prototyping systems without using cold cure compounds, this alone will save you hours in production time waiting for cold cure moulds to be made.

This low temperature silicone has a wide range of tried and tested uses with exceptional results from plastics, resins, milliput, lead, pewter and even oyster shell.

Finished rubber moulds are firm and have excellent memory properties
Waxes produced from this fine compound of rubber are self releasing from the mould so no release agents are required; the wax will be highly detailed with a superb shiny finish and will only have a shrinkage rate of just 1.5% because of the low temperature involved in the vulcanizing process.

This compound also eliminates any parting lines that may normally be seen on domed models or sphere shaped items.