Titanium Label

Castaldo titanium label jewellery moulding rubber is a natural rubber product similar to White Label and gold label.

Titanium Label jewellery moulding rubber packs, cuts, bends, flexes and stretches just like standard White Label and gold label rubber.

That means moulds made of Titanium Label rubber will do all the things you need them to do — bend, flex and stretch easily, make central core cut-outs and even spiral-cut plugs.

But Titanium Label jewellery moulding rubber is Hard at the same time that it is Flexible. And that means less pattern Distortion. Pattern areas with small sections of rubber that can move during wax injection with standard rubber compounds will stay precisely in place with Castaldo Titanium Label. And that means Reduced Shrinkage - only 1.4%.

And because Titanium Label is so hard it can be clamped at much higher pressures without mould distortion and can be injected at higher wax pressures and at lower wax temperatures. The combination of those factors means Better Detail and Reduced Wax Pattern Shrinkage.